Gundam Battle Operation 2 Golden Week Update

Golden Week Update for Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.11

Golden Week Update Gundam Battle Operation 2

Last week I woke up to this update which was an awesome surprise. Here’s what we got.

Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.11

GBO Update 1.11
Let’s see what’s new

Gunner Gundam

Gunner Gundam Joins The FIght

The first thing you will see in Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.11 is the Gunner Gundam joining the ranks. I wrote about this Gunner Gundam first look post. A new Gundam joins GBO2, good news for those that love support types. The first Sniper Gundam in the series.

New Map

An old love coming back
New map in gundam battle operation 2

A new map is unlocked. Mountain map now available for everyone. Small map for quick fights with leveled terrain perfect for close and long range combat.

Here’s a video of the Gunner Gundam on the Mountain Map.

Premium Medals

Tokens and Tickets
Premium Medals

Premium Medals now available to boost token and ticket drops.

New Rewards

Mr. Sagat on GBO2
New Missions Available

Each new mission available gets you a certain reward. Don’t forget to check in with Sagat and your mission board.

Golden Week Mission

Login and Meet conditions to get the Zaku II FS (SM)

Zaku II FS (SM) Unlocked LV3

Zaku II FS (SM) GBO2
Got My Zaku

Check your daily, weekly and monthly rewards.

Got My Level 1 and Level 3 Zaku II FS (SM)

Clan Camp And Clan Terminal

Clan is now open in gundam battle operation 2

Clan is now available in Gundam Battle Operation 2. Search and Join your clan today.

GBO2 Clan system
Clan System Available Now!
Clan System
Visit Your Clan Camp

Discover this newly added feature to Gundam Battle Operation 2. Take time to go to the Clan Camp and once you join or create a clan, access your clan via Clan Terminal.

Clan Camp

Get Started with your Clan Camp to find, join or create clans.

Gundam Battle Operation 2 Clan Camp
Clan Update

Filter your search using Clan types, Active days, Main active time, Recommended rating, Recruitment and Requirement.

Clan Camp interface

Search Using Clan names and other filters to find your desired clan for Gundam Battle Operation 2.

Trying the Gunner Gundam on the Mountain Map in Gundam Battle Operation 2.

Getting Bonuses using Selected Unit

Did you know that using the Selected Unit can give you a boost? Yes it does! Keep using it to get bonuses.

Rewards Gundam Battle Operation 2
Special MS

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