How To Top Up Your Paypal Account Using GCash

I’ve been trying to find information on how to top up my Paypal using different credit cards services but there is no real online guide on how to top up your Paypal account. There’s also no guide on how to put money on Paypal if you are in the Philippines. Well I decided to help my fellow web professionals by creating a simple guide.

How to transfer funds from GCash to Paypal

Can I transfer funds from GCash to Paypal? Yes you can, all you need is to follow this guide. GCash is a MasterCard and if you have Paypal linked to it, you can add another Paypal and link that to the same GCash MasterCard for fund transfers. I’ve seen the internet give the wrong answer this query so I decided to create a guide to help everyone in the Philippines. Do I hear SEO hero?

How To Transfer Funds From Gcash To Paypal

This Guide is divided in to three parts:

  1. What You Need to top up your Paypal using GCash
  2. Ultimate Guide to topping up your GCash
  3. How to top up your Paypal using GCash

What You will Need to Top Up Your Paypal using GCash:

  • Cash
  • Verified GCash Master Card associated with verified Paypal email
  • Another Email Address
  • A Cellphone with the GCash App installed, Paypal installed
  • A laptop or desktop for easier Paypal navigation
  • GCash or 711 Cliqq Kiosk
Money to transfer from Cash to GCash to Paypal
Enough Money to Transfer to GCash then to Paypal
GCash Card Master Card and UNIONBANK VISA
A laptop and GCash
Mobile Phone That has verified GCash and Paypal

Okay lets pretend you want to buy an item online and you are in the Philippines. The website only accepts Paypal so here’s what you do.

Create an account on the website and go to checkout to see the total amount you have to pay for.

Armstrong space suit from this

Okay Let’s say the amount is $47.99. Remember that amount and quickly login to your Paypal using a cellphone or laptop. I want to feel good when I do technical SEO and link building for clients so I need this in my office. I have two Paypal emails: and Let’s start with this Primary Paypal).

Paypal Desktop interface
How to put money in your Paypal using GCash

My primary account only has $39.99 I need more money so I need to go to a 711 to find a Cliqq or Gcash Kiosk so I can add money to my account that is tied to this Paypal Email.

I will make a quick run to a convenience store with my money and phone so I can top up my GCash so I can use it for Paypal.

GCash kiosk is down

Sadly the GCash Kiosk is unavailable so I move on to the next convenience store.

Meg Reb Walking to the next convenience store

Aha! 711 has a CliQQ kiosk. This will Work.

711 Cliqq Kiosk

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to topping up your GCash or simply adding money to GCash via Cliqq kiosk.

Go to the Cliqq Kiosk Select E-Money.

Select E-money on cliqq

Select GCash.

Select GCash
Select GCash in

Select Gcash Cash in.

Gcash cash in via cliqq

Input Your Phone number and amount you wish to top up.

Click on Next and print the barcode or simply take a picture using your cellphone.

Photo of Cliqq barcode

Go to the counter and present your pictures or printed barcodes.

711 GCash validation via Cliqq Kiosk

Verify that the information is correct and pay the lovely lady.

Verify your information is correct on cliqq

Check your phone for a message that verifies the transaction.

SMS confirmation

Check your GCash App.

Keep in mind that Kiosks have a Php 10,000 transfer limit per transaction.

GCash Transfer complete
Money in the bag

Make sure you keep the receipt for taxation purposes – hahaha! Because reasons.

Keeping 711 Cliqq receipts

Now that we have money in the bank, we can now proceed with topping up our Paypal using GCash.

How To Top Up Your Paypal using GCash

Login to your GCash App to check the available amount

gcash app checking the amount
Login to Paypal using my laptop
Login to Paypal using my laptop

Login to primary Paypal account, in my case

creating an invoice on paypal desktop version
I like it on my laptop because there are more options

Create an invoice

Creating an invoice using Paypal

Address the invoice to secondary account which in my case is

Input the amount and details.

Check the amount before sending the invoice

Send the invoice.

Logout of your primary Paypal Email.

There should be an invoice sent via email

Login to your secondary Paypal Email.

Login to Paypal using your secondary account.
Login to Paypal using your secondary account.

Select the new invoice and pay via debit or credit card. My GCash is a MasterCard so I will select MasterCard.

Paying invoice via Paypal

Click on Pay invoice.

Invoice paid
SMS GCash & Paypal confirmation
SMS notification is on
Paypal mobile app confirmation
Paypal mobile app confirmation

Wait for confirmation.

Paypal Confirmation Email
Paypal Confirmation Email

Check your confirmation message or check GCash to see if the amount was deducted.

Logout of secondary paypal account

Logout of your secondary Paypal email.

log back in to primary paypal account
log back in to primary paypal account

Login to the Primary Paypal email to see the amount.

There you go, a no bullshit guide to topping up your Paypal through GCash.

How to transfer money from GCash to Paypal no bullshit guide
How to transfer money from GCash to Paypal no bullshit guide

You can skip the Kiosk card if you have online banking in which case you just need to transfer money to GCASH then proceed with Paypal to create the invoice.

How do I Put Money In My PayPal Account?

Get a credit or debit card and link it Paypal. In this example I used GCash which is Master Card Debit Card. Just Link it with Paypal, make sure both GCash and Paypal are verified then send and invoice to you debit card. Pay it with the debit card and the funds should get transferred with no problems to your Paypal.

Now all I have to do is wait for that amazing jacket so I can use it for link building or simply while playing Gundam Battle Operation 2. It is the closest thing to a jumpsuit for my Gunner Gundam. Til then, Build Links and Shoot Straight!

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