Weekly Practice with Gunner Gundam & GM Sniper Custom

Let’s look at how we can improve our current game play on Gundam Battle Operation 2 PlayStation 4 Console Gaming. Today I want to improve my aiming skills and I wanted to go through some videos so we can see areas to improve on.

Filthy Camping

Improving your aim takes a lot hour hours practicing your shot on still and moving targets. In the Gundam Battle Operation 2 universe, you will encounter two types of long-range weapons. Beam Weapons that you can charge for better damage and Live Ammo shots which are guns, bazookas and other bombardment type of weapons. Taking a long range shot offers a bit of challenge for beam type weapons because some mobile suits have to stay still in order to fire their weapons. Both the Gunner Gundam and GM Sniper Custom use long range beam type sniper riffles so they cannot move while sniping. Not being able to move while firing will leave you open to RAID type mobile suits and we all know that a combo can easily destroy your mobile suit. This forces snipers to start filthy camping. Hiding in selected areas of the map will allow you to take that shot with laser-focus precision. Concealing yourself will also confuse enemies from a distance as some of their radars cannot pick up your MS if the range is right. There are a lot of maps and vantage points that you can practice but for this post I decided to pick one good spot to show you.

Gunner Gundam Filthy Camping

Right now this is my favorite spot vantage point because as you can see it covers the front-line and your radar can give your team the positions and HP of the enemy mobile suits.

Everybody wants to be king of the hill in this map so this vantage point will allow you snipe enemy mobile suits as they fly or land on the hill that leads to a very dark tunnel that leads to the base. The Gunner Gundam is just perfect for charge shots because it pierces through both allies and enemies.

GM Sniper Custom Filthy Camping

Not all enemies expect the GM Sniper Custom to be on top of this mini hill so I was able to do some damage and mess up the enemies’ front-line.

Here’s a video of another good sniping area if you spawned from the other side. Also a good spot if you are on the back-foot. This area can help you focus on the hill top and enemy front-line. You can create your own choke point and help your team advance from this location. Checkout the benefits of filthy camping in the video below. Fast forward to: 2:30 and see just how dirty this could be.

Final Thoughts

Catching your enemies off-guard is always an advantage, learn to lurk in the shadows and survive the game. Support your team when you can, and make the right shots from far away.

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