Gunner Gundam First Look Gundam Battle Operation 2

Gunner Gundam

Gundam Gundam in Gundam Battle Operation 2
Me wondering if I will ever get this beast.

What’s new in Gundam Battle Operation 2? Gunner Gundam, Gold Week, Clans and more. Let’s take a first look at the Gunner Gundam which is the featured mobile suit for the week. Got lucky and spun the lottery for 10 tickets and got this Golden Box. I’ve always preferred long range elimination and that is why I always opt for the GM Sniper Custom but it’s a bit weak and the cool down for the beam rifle R4 is just bad. I wished for a sniper type Gundam and when I woke up, I got a notification from PSN about Gundam Battle Operations.

So I opened the game and saw the update. To my surprise a Gundam that is a support type.

Play Station Network Update Gundam Battle Operation 2 version 1.11
Update Complete

I immediately dropped what I was doing and knowing that I have 30 coins, I rolled the lottery and got lucky this time.

You lucky bastard!
Gunner Gundam Lottery pick

There was no better feeling than this. Got myself a Gunner Gundam and so I checked the stats, popped some parts and sortied right away. I knew right there that my game is set and I finally got what I wished for in this game. A Gundam that fits my play style!!! So I don’t mind the fact that the rest of the pick kinda sucked.

As expected your boy played Gundam Battle Operation 2 using his newly acquired Mobile Suit and here are the results.

Winning with the Gunner Gundam
Thank You Gunner Gundam

Gunner Gundam First Look

Me trying out the Gunner Gundam for the first time

Gunner Gundam VS GM Sniper Custom Stats

Here’s a comparison of the mobile suits that I use. Let’s take a deep dive at all aspects to see if it is worth all the hype.

The Gunner Gundam

Gunner Gundam Full Frontal
So sexy in Blue

The Gunner Gundam was developed as a RX-78 machine that has improved mid-range support capability. This Mobile Suit can be found in the Mobile Suit Variation Series: MSV-R. Much like the heavy Gundam the armaments were changed to better serve the unit’s purpose. They wanted to create a mobile suit that has improved precision and the rifle is connected with the sensors. This makes the RX-78 Gunner Gundam the ultimate sniper’s choice in Gundam Battle Operation 2. The Gunner Gundam has four large thrusters that enhances the unit’s mobility. It is also equipped with jamming device and enhanced radar capabilities.


Gunner Gundam Stats
  • MS HP: 14500
  • Anti Ranged Mod: 23
  • Anti-Beam Mod: 30
  • Anti-Melee Mod: 2
  • Ranged Mod: 35
  • Melee Mod:
  • Speed: 110
  • Thrusters: 50

COST: 400


Gunner Gundam Beam Rifle

  • Power: 1000
  • Range: 500
  • Heat Rate: 75
  • Weapon Type: Beam

Enhanced Beam Saber

  • Power: 1900
  • Weapon Type: Melee

Head-Mounted Vulcan (Late Model)

  • Power: 67
  • Range: 150
  • Ammo: 30
  • Weapon Type: Live Ammo


  • High Performance Radar: LV3
  • High Performance Scope: LV3
  • Observational Data Link: LV1
  • Quick Boost: LV3
  • Anti-Jamming: LV2
  • Anti-Stealth: LV2

Enhanced radar performance actually expands to effective range from 300m to 450m. High performance scope up to 6x magnification. Observational Data Link allows allies to see HP of enemy MS capture on radar. Quick Boost gets you -15% time when jumping. Anti-jamming function on enemy MS. Cancels out LV2 or lower. Higher jamming within 150m radius. Anti-Stealth weakens stealth systems from enemy MS. Nullifies Stealth LV2 or lower and cancels out higher levels within a 50m radius.


Ground and Space

Parts Slot

  • Close-Range: 4
  • Medium-Range: 6
  • Long-Range: 10

The GM Sniper Custom

GM Sniper Custom GBO2
My first good MS

The GM Sniper Custom originated from the Mobile Suit Variation Series (MSV). A GM enhanced for sniping with light armor, a R4 type beam rifle for long distance elimination and a fixed beam saber on its arm for close combat. All sensors were tuned for sniping. This is a GM that was modified to fit the sniper role in the battlefield of Gundam Battle Operation universe.


GM Sniper Custom Stats
My first Love.
  • MS HP: 13400
  • Anti Ranged Mod: 13
  • Anti-Beam Mod: 12
  • Anti-Melee Mod: 8
  • Ranged Mod: 20
  • Melee Mod: 10
  • Speed: 120
  • Thrusters: 60

COST: 300


R-4 Type Beam Rifle LV1 to LV3

  • Power: 2000 – 2200
  • Range: 650 – 660
  • Heat Rate: 65
  • Weapon Type: Beam

Beam Saber Unit

  • Power: 1500
  • Weapon Type: Melee

Beam Gun

  • Power: 500
  • Range: 100
  • Heat Rate: 28
  • Weapon Type: Beam

Head-Mounted Vulcan

  • Power: 50
  • Range: 150
  • Ammo: 30
  • Weapon Type: Live Ammo


  • High Performance Radar: LV2
  • High Performance Scope: LV2
  • Observational Data Link: LV1
  • Frontline Support System: LV1

Enhanced radar performance expands effective range from 300m to 400m. High Performance Scope when sniping allows magnification to 5x. Observational Data Link allows allies to see HP of enemy MS captured on radar. Frontline Support System shortens respawn time for all allies by -5% for each ally with the skill.


Ground and Space

Parts Slot

  • Close-Range: 4
  • Medium-Range: 6
  • Long-Range: 10

My Thoughts:

Overall the Gunner Gundam feels lighter and can really jump faster. I feel like the reload and heat time is shorter but the damage can reach up to 4516 when the Gunner Gundam Beam Riffle is charged and you can easily perform a double tap with it after a charged shot. The best damage I’ve ever shot with the R-4 Type Beam rifle was 3700 and that’s already a Level 3 Beam Weapon with the GM Sniper Custom. The arm shields from the Gunner Gundam saved me from severe head damage several times as well. I love the fact that this Mobile Suit is a Gundam. Tough and reliable. Perhaps this is my favorite MS in the Gundam Battle Operation 2 series. While the color scheme offers zero tactical advantage, it still looks awesome.

Here’s another video of me operating the Gunner Gundam.

Sniping is all about hiding.

I feel confident going head to head with GM Snipers knowing I got better armor. This unit just jumps faster than anything I’ve ever used in the game. And yes, I glitched the enemy support fire in 3:32 of the video. Thank you Metal Gear Solid!

Takes some time to get used to.

And Here’s me trying to get used to the Gunner Gundam in this new map. Discovering that a follow-up shot is possible with the Sniper Rifle. 2:12 Double tapping the enemy mobile suit to death. Beam Rifle Penetrates destroying the shield and stunning 2 enemy mobile suits at 2:47. Juicy 4208 Charged Beam Rifle damage and 1502 damage on follow-up shot during 3:42. Penetration hitting two enemy mobile suits at 4:42. Damage from that charged shot was 4361 and 4464. Finishing the MS with a follow-up head shot. Time was running out, missed a few shots to the enemy ace so we decided to hit the nearest target and won that close game.

Not gonna lie, this was hard.

Now Let’s Try to Sortie In Space. Well I am not a spacenoid per se so it is really difficult for me to move and snipe in a zero G environment. What made things worse was that Psycho Zaku. I was no match for that beast. Well, through team work we managed to steal a win.

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